In my natural habitat!

In my natural habitat!

About Reuben Reynoso

Reuben has been in the water since the age of 1, when his father would swim out past the surf-zone with Reuben on his back. "A healthy fear of the ocean" has never been a phrase that has passed through Reuben's mind, being in the ocean, and underwater was just something that he believed was a part of life, and something he couldn't live without. So much a part of his life, that he would take the bus 3 hours each way from his parent's home in East L.A. just to swim in the ocean.

Reuben picked up photography at the age of 14, his first year in high school, and immediately fell in love with the process and the art. He became a dive instructor in 2003 and began mixing his two passions; being underwater and photography.

He's lived in New York City, London, and a tiny town in Southwest Wales by the name of Narberth, as well as spent sizable amounts of time in Paris and in Vienna. His travels have also taken him to many exotic dive destinations such as Fiji, Utila Island, the Sea of Cortez, and the Amazon.

Reuben first started photographing underwater models back in 2009, adding the skill to his commercial and editorial résumé. His photos, both land and underwater, fhave been used by: Jalouse Magazine, Swedish Elle, Glue Magazine, The L.A. Times, Yolk Industries, Mermaid Linden, Fjällräven, Season On The Edge, The Huffington Post, The California Department of Fish and Game, The Pablove Foundation, and by members of the L.A. Ballet.

Reuben lives in Los Angeles, in the Silver Lake district.

• PADI Master Diver Trainer
• PADI Safety/Rescue Diver
• Knowledgeable with Olympus, Canon, Nikon, and Hassleblad.
• Knowledgeable with most lighting systems, both surface and   underwater
• Fluent in Spanish
• Basic conversational in French
• Valid U.S. Passport